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WEDNESDAY 11:00 am - 12:15 pm EST

Prerequisite: None

In this science class, students increase their knowledge of the universe from a faith perspective.  Students will:  learn stargazing basics, identify stars, planets, and constellations, discover how the phases of the moon work, tour the universe, explore evidence that shows a young universe, study the latest discoveries of astronomy and lunar science to analyze flawed views of the moon's origin and more! This is not a lab science.

Weekly homework reinforces the concepts taught in class and the instructor is available during live office hours and by email to assist students. Additional time may be required of students to complete labs both with the instructor and independently. Assignments are graded and students receive a mid-term report as well as a year-end course credit report. Students may take this class for Honors credit.

  • Books / Textbooks
    • The Stargazers Guide to the Night Sky by Dr. Jason LIsle
    • Our Created Moon by John Whitcomb and Donald B. DeYoung
    • Taking Back Astronomy by Dr. Jason Lisle
  • Other Materials
    • No other materials required

Lisa Asanowicz

Lisa lives in Florida with her four children and 3 cats.  Currently, there is one homeschool graduate and one dual enrolled homeschooled child in the household.  When she’s not shuttling children or chasing felines, she enjoys writing, reading, exploring new topics and making science learning fun.

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