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Ana Maria Blevins lives with her husband, Lyle, a French-speaker, and Spanish learner.  They have six children that they enjoy as much as possible, especially playing music together.  Catch them at Arts Festivals or 2nd Sunday on King Street in Charleston, singing in Spanish, French, Haitian, and English. 

Personal Experience

Spanish Language is a treasure passed down from her parents; Ana Maria Salinas Blevins holds the gift dearly.  Born in Bolivia, South America, Mrs. Blevins delights in teaching Spanish and helping to connect cultures and languages, seeking the God connection spoken of in Acts 17:9, where God made all nations from one blood, and placed them in their geographical locations and times.  She teaches Spanish by immersion, Diglot Weave, Abeka Spanish, and cultural experiences. Her students acquire Spanish vocabulary by memorizing scripture, Spanish songs, learning conversation, and unforgettable Spanish videos!
Senora Blevins has taught Spanish for 25 years in the homeschool community. Some of her students received proficiency status as a result of her classes, and she enjoys teaching beginning Spanish to young children, as the window for optimal brain development is maximized by foreign language education, before high school. 

  • Teacher in Homeschool Community - 25 years

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