originated over a decade ago when homeschool mom and

writer, Beth Hempton, was asked to teach a writing class for fellow homeschool

families. Her early classes were typically taught in someone's home or a church.

As often happens when the Lord runs the show, Beth's classes grew faster than

she dreamed, as did her children. Before realizing it, she had graduated her

own homeschooled children and found that with the growth of the

homeschooling community, her services also grew in demand. Along the way,

Beth worked with Dana Wilson to write TUACP (previously known as Epi Kardia)

curriculum as well as writing for a number of different companies and magazines.

After prayerful consideration, she decided that God had called her to move

back into teaching for a time.

Virtual classes came about when a local student mentioned that she took Spanish

online (thanks, Ashley!). Beth began praying about the idea of working at home

and expanding beyond her own town. Living in a rather rural area, traveling to

teach didn't appeal much, so moving online seemed like an interesting option. She

had also recently married and enjoyed time home with her husband. For the first

couple of years, Beth developed the online version of her literature and writing

classes. By year three, parents began asking about other possible classes. The first

year of adding teachers, only a dear friend and amazing instructor, Kelly Rowe,

taught with Beth. Kelly's son, Scott, had been taking classes with Beth for years

and ended up blessing CBB+ students by interning.

Now, the has been added, which represents many additions, including one of

the best ever Social Media Moms, Trena Balakrishnan. It's hard to remember CBB+

prior to Trena blessing the company with her amazing gifts and her heart for

the Lord. Most recently, Trena's daughter, Rachel, joined the staff as Beth's

assistant, an answer to prayer.

started out as Charlotte Mason inspired, with a view of

education as a passionate means to share Jesus with young people, and hasn't really

changed. We've just added awesome teachers, more class options and hopefully,

exactly what your family needs!




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