Course Description:

An introduction to the ancient language of the

Israelites, the Law, the Prophets and the Writings. It is the

language of the greatest epic in recorded history, the language of

Moses and the language of the Temple. It is a beautiful language,

and the only ancient language to be resurrected after millennia of

having no extant native speakers*. We will learn basic vocabulary,

grammar, and will have worked through portions of the Torah

(the first five books of Moses), and the book of Jonah. Students

who successfully complete this course may register for part 2

offered the second semester.

Single Live CP Course Tuition Rate:

$212.50 yr/$26.57 mo

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Course Length:


Sessions Available:

1st Sem., Recorded


Mr. Joshua Jourdain

Day Time:

Wednesday, 10:00-11:15 am EST

Recorded Classes are posted by 6 pm EST on the day of the live class.



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Curriculum and Supplies:

Instructor designed.

*Modern Hebrew as a reconstructed language is different from ancient Biblical

Hebrew; this course teaches the latter, not the former.




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