Course Description:

A whirlwind trip through World History

provides students with a background of the major time periods

and familiarity with historical characters. We'll spend eight

weeks each in the following time periods: Ancient Times,

Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation, and Exploration to

Modern Era. Exploration and the Modern era will be studied

from a global perspective as it is expected that students will

study those periods more extensively from an American History

perspective. Students explore topics via living books, keep a

timeline along with a student notebook and write based on

historical topics.

Single Live MS Course Tuition Rate:

$325 yr/$43.75 mo

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Course Length:


Sessions Available:

Fall, Recorded


Mrs. Jennifer Collins


Thursday, 1:30 - 2:30 pm EST

*Recorded Classes are posted by 6 pm EST on the day of the live class.



Recommended Grade Level:

6th-8th grade

Curriculum and Supplies:

Instructor Designed; download

book list here.




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