Course Description:

Taught by a homeschool dad who is a

professional photographer, this introductory course helps students

develop confidence and skill when taking photos. Topics covered

include: Focus and Composition, Understanding Light, Exposure,

Camera Settings and Taking Photos. Students completing this

course will develop a solid working knowledge of how to use a

DLSR with confidence. They will also have a basic understanding of

the manual settings. There is a possibility of a second semester,

more advanced course, for students who successfully complete this

initial class.

Single Live CP Course Tuition Rate:

$212.50 yr/$26.57 mo

*Check out multi-course discounts and class packages.

Currently Registered:

1 - NOTE: Instructor is limiting this course

to only five participants for the LIVE class.

Course Length:


Sessions Available:

1st Sem., Recorded


Mr. James Piedad

Day Time:

Thursday, 2:45 - 4:00 pm EST

*Recorded Classes are posted by 6 pm EST on the day of the live class.

Recommended Grade Level:


Curriculum and Supplies:

No curriculum required. Students need a

DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera and lens, and a small white

board with a marker. Mr. Piedad uses Nikon and Sigma brands.

Please contact him with questions about equipment.




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