Parents can register their children to subscribe to one or more recorded

classes. Subscriptions begin new each August, so it's not possible to move

faster than the live class. We also don't offer recorded classes after

second semester of the current school year so that teachers aren't

committed to grading into the 2nd semester of the next school year.


*Click here for our Master Course List. Courses noted with an "R"

qualify for Recorded Subscriptions.

*Parents should examine the course overviews to understand what is

being taught and the curriculum needed.

*Students may mix Recorded classes with Live classes.

*Most high school Recorded classes may also be taken as honors.

*Students watch Recorded classes for which they are registered

using our class portal. Classes may viewed on a computer or

tablet. Recordings are posted the evening of the live classes.

*Students may take up to twelve months to complete a Recorded


*Students submit assignments to be graded via personal files on

class portal. They receive their graded assignments back the

same way.

*Students and parents may access grades using our online

gradebook. Once a class has been properly completed, the

instructor provides a course credit form with the final grade.

*Students and parents may contact instructors via email at any time.

Instructors typically respond in 12-24 hours.




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