If, after reading this information, you have questions about tuition or payment

plans, please email admin@classesbybethplus.com.


Summer Intensives and EWEs - May 29th

Live Full Year and 1st Semester - August 7th

Recorded Classes - no deadline, but tuition must be paid or a payment plan

arranged before the first class recording is provided. Note that the deadline for

purchasing 2017-18 recording courses is January 8th.

2nd Semester - January 8th


A $50 per class deposit is required before a student will be considered

registered, except with the purchase of a class package. With class packages,

a 15% deposit is required, based on the package price. The deposit will be

credited to the total tuition bill.


For every Live year long course paid in full, one additional Live year long course

may be discounted by $25. Two semester courses may be substituted for a year

long course. For every Recorded year long course paid in full, one additional

Recorded year long course may be discounted by $10. This discount

does not apply to families making semester or monthly payments. Already

discounted courses, EWEs and Summer Intensives are not eligible for this


Tuition, Fees and Class Package Pricing

Payment Options

Cancellation Policy

Note: Please make sure you read our policy before registering for

classes. We do not excuse parent responsibility based on lack of awareness.




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