American Sign Language 2

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MONDAY 2:30 - 3:45 pm EST

PrerequisiteAmerican Sign Language 1

We are excited to offer a second year of this unique class! Students who took ASL 1 with CBB+ and students who have previous experience may register for this class. However, any non-CBB+ students will need to meet with with the teacher for assessment to receive registration approval. Taught by an instructor who has been deaf his entire life, students learn through immersion. Miss Rachel Balakrishnan, our CBB+ assistant, works directly with Mr. Giorlando as he also does not speak. During the second year of this class, the teacher focuses on fluency and conversation, helping students become confident in their signing.  This course provides a continued focus on conversation with an emphasis on appropriate facial expressions.  Mr. Giorlando also teaches students more about the culture of the deaf community, which is particularly useful for students desiring to work in this area of ministry.

The primary homework requires practice of what is learned in class each week as students work toward fluency.  Students test individually with the instructor during class. Each student receives a mid-term report as well as a year-end course credit report.  In many states, ASL may be counted as foreign language.

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Ryan Giorlando

Ryan Giorlando lives in New Jersey. He enjoys hockey, stand up paddle boarding, surfing, fishing, and organic farming.

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