High School Writing Methods

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Prerequisite: None

This class is a prerequisite for CBB+ literature and history courses. The curriculum was written by CBB+ founder, Beth Hempton. When combined with General Literature, it is the ideal "freshman English" class for high school, laying the groundwork for high school essay writing and literature. Students work through the Writing Process to explore six types of writing: narrative, descriptive, expository, persuasive, comparison/contrast and rhetorical. Essay writing provides a vehicle for students to practice each type. Students also work through grammar issues, learn to write peer reviews and study upper level vocabulary. 

Assigned homework allows students to practice the writing concepts taught in class and the teacher is available during live office hours and by email to assist students. Assignments are graded and students receive a course credit report upon completion. Students may take this class for Honors credit. The Honors option costs an additional $25 per class. Be sure to check Honors on the registration form.

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    • Writing as a Life Skill by Elizabeth Hempton
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Beth Hempton

Beth Hempton lives in South Carolina with her husband, Darrell, two puppies, two kittens and two goats. She homeschooled her son, John Paul, and her daughter, Ally, through high school. Beth’s love for writing and desire to teach continue even though her children are now adults. Beth enjoys living in the country, reading, writing and traveling. She’s been known to go zip-lining, white water rafting and hiking. Learning new skills entices her and Jesus’s love inspires her.

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